What is Umina's IT Experts service?

Finding Talent



1.   What is Umina's IT Experts service?

It is Umina's tailor-made assistance in finding software engineers or developers who fit perfectly into a company's environment and projects.   


2.   Why do companies opt for our service?

Because our service is one of the kinds; we specialise in implementing business IT tools which gives us a great understanding of different business models, services, products and processes; which along with our ability to identify competence in candidates, give our clients the upper hand in finding the right talent.


3.   Why our service is better than the competition?

There are two main reasons; first, we are a self-funded company, we don't rely on external investment to pay our bills, so we stayed hardworking, hungry and humble for each opportunity. 

And second, we are not hunters of commissions; our business model relies on long-term relationships and social proof.      


4.   What makes Umina great for software engineers and developers to join?

All. Starting by our history as an IT Outsourcing company -providing the suitable candidates and supplying management and tools to ensure client’s success- to our growth in the implementation of IT business systems tools, giving us even more understanding of our clients' businesses and processes.

Because of our work, it is easy for us to know who is the right candidate and not waste anyone’s time. We know exactly what technical and soft skills are needed. We have several ongoing opportunities from where to choose, and we can offer an accurate vision of the openings and work environments, setting candidates up for success.  

5.   What is Umina's mission on the IT Experts service?

It is very personal to find a job for someone, as much as it is of utmost importance the right workforce for a company's success. To ensure a win-win for both, you need a skill that lies at the crossroads of social capabilities, technical expertise, process management and intuition. Our mission is to master that skill. 


6.   How can you be part of our business pipeline?

Simple, get in touch!
Jessica Lam, Co-Founder: jessica@umina.e
















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